Get the design right.
Human-Centred Design solves business problems by bridging the gap between what people need and what your business offers.

Synthesising qualitative data from design research into actionable themes

As a practitioner I specialise in design strategy, user research and rapid prototyping, as well as deploying visual thinking methods at all stages of the process to maximise clarity.
Design Strategy
I facilitate interactive workshops – such as those documented in Gamestorming – in order to maximise business engagement and shared understanding.
Just as well, I run workshops to minimise misunderstanding, and to tease out any conflict in direction before a project progresses and it becomes costly to do so.
User Research
I conduct qualitative and quantitative research to improve understanding about user behaviour. I conduct research in a variety of contexts, but I generally prefer behavioural research over attitudinal.
When evaluating designs via interviews, I rarely stick to a script, and prefer to use the opportunity to fully understand how a user thinks about a task. When required, I'll draw on my background knowledge in statistics to make confident conclusions about the size of a problem.
Rapid Prototyping
I create believable, interactive prototypes so that users play with them naturally. I am known for speedy fingers, and have been able to create realistic interactive prototypes in less than a day for Google Design Sprints.
I have also created basic animation videos in under a day, and am capable with most creative software apps.
Visual Thinking

The young entrepreneur's journey visualised for the global Future Anything program

I draw a lot!
I recognise the value of thinking visually about design problems, and I encourage others to do the same throughout the design process. I also teach visual thinking to product and design teams.
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