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Human-Centred Design solves business problems by bridging the gap between what people need and what your business offers.

Synthesising qualitative data from design research into actionable themes

As a design lead, my mission is to guide clients and teams toward two goals: 1) Shining a light on people's lived experience; 2) Designing (and re-designing) systems to work for people.
To do this, I practice design with a Head, Heart and Hands approach:
Experience design services

I provide services and consulting on design research, workshop design, facilitation, rapid prototyping and training.
Research and workshop design
Card sorting with Canon Australia customer.
Qualitative research is key to quality design. It enables us to better understand people, and equips us with stories that can move projects forward. What I bring: Asking good questions and keeping an open mind.
Service design workshop with cross-functional staff.
Good workshop design leads to productive outcomes. People are brought into a world where they can explore and reach an insight together. To make this possible, my workshops are always enriched with visual activities.
Rapid prototyping
Google Design Sprint: Creating a prototype in one day.
To prototype is to pursue a virtuous cycle of action and curiosity. Every iteration becomes not just an output, but a learning experiment. Couple that with speed, and you have a recipe to ship something fast and real.
Brainstorming illustrations with visual designers.

Design encompasses varying mindsets: Analytical, creative, curious, exacting. Using visual methods, I create spaces for people to try on different mindsets. Mostly, I get people to draw as it's cheap, fast and fun.
Design education
A Sketching for UX workshop at General Assembly.
Teaching design is about bringing out people’s empathy and creativity. Since 2015, I've taught UX and sketching to hundreds of designers and non-designers. I provide training on visual thinking to product and design teams.
Emcee: World Interaction Design Day Melbourne 2020.
Experience designers are still a growing community. To help it develop, I co-organise IxDA Melbourne and Sketchnoters Melbourne. I also try to deepen the conversation by speaking at conferences and events.
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