Thinking Design by Adobe – Header illustration for Medium content page
Credits to Annie Ji for colouring

This illustration was created as the banner image for the Medium blog Thinking Design by Adobe.
Posts on Adobe's experience design blogs feature profiles of designers, digital design tips, and more journalistic posts that explore a topic, focusing on digital products and how they affect our lives.
Screenshot of banner illustration on the Thinking Design by Adobe page, 2019
The two original concepts explored in the process of developing this illustration. The second concept proceeded to visual development.
Attempt #1 at a finished render. The design seemed dim and imbalanced for the blog page, so we went back to the drawing board.
Round #2 of concepts explored in developing the illustration. The second concept proceeded to visual development.
Colours explored during visual development. The second colour concept proceeded to visual development but with less colour variation.
Final render used for the title illustration. The image was darkened for text legibility on the blog page.
Cooler version of the final render.
Adobe's design stories are featured on the Adobe Design Blog, the Medium page Thinking Design and the XD Ideas blog.
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