Make it visual.
Visual imagery can help you communicate abstract, complex ideas by accessing people's inherent ability to recognise visual language. The right imagery – paired with the right words at the right time – can be deeply engaging and persuasive for users and stakeholders alike.

An illustration created for Thinking Design by Adobe, a design thinking blog on Medium

Visualisation services
I provide consulting on infographic design, mapping and diagramming, presentation design and visual storytelling.
I work on visualisation projects from start-to-end, which includes discovery, concepting and finished rendering. A typical process is outlined below.
Typical visualisation process
Co-design approach
To maximise the impact of the imagery created, I take an experience design approach to all visualisation projects. This means being intentional about the purpose of your content and involving your audience, your team or your stakeholders during the design process.

A poster-making workshop where participants create and share hand-drawn infographics 

By designing the content together, we increase the likelihood of buy-in and resonance with the intended audience. It also means learning and drawing together, which is a lot of fun!
Activities that can involve others in a visualisation project include: Brainstorming, Concept generation, Experience mapping, Feedback and critique, Metaphor generation, Mini-sketching class, Poster making, Storyboarding.
Want to communicate your idea visually?
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