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Visual thinking describes our ability to see, communicate and solve problems in visual space. With practice, it's accessible to virtually all of us. Visual thinking is intrinsically linked to creative thinking, and has become an increasingly essential skill in the 21st century workplace.

A workshop delivered at design consultancy Symplicit, with a focus on sketching methods for human-centred design

Contexts for visual thinking
Visual communication:
Creating infographics and other visual content
Facilitating teamwork within projects
Human-centred design:
Product and service innovation

Visual note-taking to enhance learning and clarity

Learning topics
I offer training on visual thinking via hands-on interactive workshops. Topics I teach include:
Fundamentals of sketching
Learn the visual alphabet and how to draw objects, icons and figures to form a basic visual vocabulary.
Sketchnoting: The practice of visual note-taking
Learn to capture and synthesise the big ideas in meetings, talks, podcasts and other everyday situations.
Sketching and creativity
Learn to explore ideas via thumbnail sketching and create radical new ideas via iconstorming.
Mapping and diagramming
Learn to communicate complex, layered information via infographics, story maps and slides.
Visual facilitation
Learn active facilitation methods to maximise engagement and output in everyday meetings.
User interface design
Learn to sketch user interfaces and user flows for prototyping and testing.
Custom training
I offer half-day and full-day training on the topics above. This training is relevant for all kinds of teams ranging from product and design to strategy and marketing.
Training can be customised to suit specific team needs. I can also help your team apply their learnings to a specific problem.
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Upcoming classes
I currently teach workshops on sketching and sketchnoting at General Assembly Melbourne. Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops here.
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